Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Corporate blogging still leads social media marketing

I love it: for several years, I’ve heard marketing folks proclaim the death of corporate blogging, favoring the likes of Facebook and Twitter. I’ve always thought that was a joke, and apparently, I’m not alone. According to the latest from eMarketer, 91 percent of the social media marketers surveyed are planning to increase their use of corporate blogs this year. YouTube is next at 86 percent, followed by Foursquare (59 percent), SlideShare (50 percent), Flickr (43 percent) and Tumblr (30 percent).

It’s an interesting distribution. SlideShare is a fantastic platform, and Tumblr is obviously hot. I was surprised to see Foursquare make the list, let alone reach such a prominent position. The platform – and the movement around it – strikes me as stale. Flickr came out of nowhere, but I can see it: if you invest some time in your Flickr account and learning how to really use the tool, the benefits are profound.

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Source: eMarketer


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  2. How very true. Blogging and social media go together smoothly. Basic setup is broadcasting new blog posts via posts in social media accounts. One of the basic tenets of conversion rate optimisation.

  3. I wonder if the numbers still hold true these days, what with many a social media marketing agency new york pushing for more social media usage.

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